Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Journey Ends (or begins)

Hi fellow readers!

I hope you all had a fantastic summer and have been reading some amazing books! When I started this blog back in 2011, I was entering my senior year of high school. It seems fitting that with my senior year of college fast approaching, it is time to say goodbye to Catching Books for awhile. 

The website of course will still be up in running, and I will continue to share what I'm reading on twitter and goodreads! For now though, I want to focus on enjoying senior year and not stressed about making sure my blog is perfect. 

Hopefully in a year from now, when things are (hopefully) less hectic I can continue sharing my love of books and book reviews with you all.

Thank you so much for everyone whose been with me from the beginning, and to my partner in crime Jaime, who will always be my book buddy for life :) 

Please feel free to comment/tweet/email me still! I'm not going anywhere..just taking a break from the book blogging life!

Thank you all again so much!