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The Académie by Susanne Dunlap Review

Name: The Académie
Author: Susanne Dunlap
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Release Date: February 28th, 2012
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Much thanks to Netgalley and Bloomsbury USA Childrens for giving me an ARC copy of this book!!

Eliza Monroe—daughter of the future president of the United States—is devastated when her mother decides to send her to boarding school outside of Paris. But the young American teen is quickly reconciled to the idea when—ooh, la-la!—she discovers who her fellow pupils will be: Hortense de Beauharnais, daughter of Josephine Bonaparte; and Caroline Bonaparte, youngest sister of the famous French general. It doesn't take long for Eliza to figure out that the two French girls are mortal enemies—and that she's about to get caught in the middle of their schemes.

Loosely drawn from history, Eliza Monroe's imagined coming of age provides a scintillating glimpse into the lives, loves, and hopes of three young women during one of the most volatile periods in French history

My Review:
What a really fun read!! I haven't really read any historical novels in a while so it was really fun reading something from a different time period! One of the first things that caught my eye about this novel was the setting/location. It was really interesting to see what France was like right after the revolution, especially from a teenager's perspective. Susanne Dunlap does a really great job of describing the setting and making the reader really able to imagine France during this time.

One of my favorite parts about this book was that the chapters rotated between the different characters in the book. At first, I wasn't a huge fan of the main character Eliza, but as the book went on and I learned more about her, I really started to like her. Her character developed a lot throughout the novel and in the end I really enjoyed seeing what happened to Eliza and her friends.

Another part of this novel that I really enjoyed was the suspense and mystery that I got from reading this book. I thought the book was going to go in one direction, but by the end I was totally wrong and something happened that I did not see coming!! I love when books surprise me and keep me on edge, and this novel definitely did this for me!!

Overall, I really enjoyed The Académie, and I recommend that you all check this book out if you are looking for a great historical young adult novel!

My Rating: Four out of Five Stars

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday 34: Kissing Shakespeare

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Name: Kissing Shakespeare
Author: Pamela Mingle
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
Release Date: August 14th, 2012
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Miranda has Shakespeare in her blood: she hopes one day to become a Shakespearean actor like her famous parents. At least, she does until her disastrous performance in her school’s staging of The Taming of the Shrew. Humiliated, Miranda skips the opening-night party. All she wants to do is hide.

Fellow cast member, Stephen Langford, has other plans for Miranda. When he steps out of the backstage shadows and asks if she’d like to meet Shakespeare, Miranda thinks he’s a total nutcase. But before she can object, Stephen whisks her back to 16th century England—the world Stephen’s really from. He wants Miranda to use her acting talents and modern-day charms on the young Will Shakespeare. Without her help, Stephen claims, the world will lose its greatest playwright.

Miranda isn’t convinced she’s the girl for the job. Why would Shakespeare care about her? And just who is this infuriating time traveler, Stephen Langford? Reluctantly, she agrees to help, knowing that it’s her only chance of getting back to the present and her “real” life. What Miranda doesn’t bargain for is finding true love… with no acting required.-Goodreads

My Thoughts
This book sounds really interesting!! I am really into the whole time travel idea (especially after reading Tempest!!) so I definitely want to see what happens with that in this novel. Also, I am a huge fan of Shakespeare so I love reading anything that has to do with him! Side note: isn't the cover gorgeous??

Well what do you think of my choice?? What are you waiting for this week?? Comment below!! 
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Confessions of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway Review

Name: Confessions of a First Daughter
Author: Cassidy Calloway
Publisher: Harper Teen
Release Date: September 1st, 2009
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Morgan Abbott has no social life and no privacy, and her every screwup makes front page news. That’s what happens when your mom’s the president of the United States—and Morgan is sooo over it. But now her mom needs a presidential stand-in! With the help of Morgan’s cute new secret service agent, a little makeup, and a lot of family resemblance, she’s soon seeing things from the other side of the desk.

On the heels of a historic election, books about girls in politics are more popular than ever. Readers won’t be able to resist the smart, spunky, klutzy-yet-lovable heroine in this fresh and fun new teen novel!-Goodreads

My Review:
What a really fun novel! Over this past weekend I saw the movie, Chasing Liberty, which is very similar to this book (with the first daughter and secret service agent aspect) and so I was inspired to read this book!
One of the best parts about this book was seeing Morgan trying to deal with life as the president daughter, but also trying to live her in life as a normal teen!

I really liked how down to earth Morgan is and how she is so normal. While she is the president's daughter, she still is normal and is a very grounded person and still deals with everyday problems (most of the time!) that we all deal with!

Overall, this was a quick, fun read that I recommend that you all check out!!

My Rating: Four out of Five Stars

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In My Mailbox (33)

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I hope everyone is having a great week!!

So here is what came for me from the library this week..

Legacy by Molly Cochran
A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton
Well that's all I got this week..what did you get in your mailbox?? What do you think of what I got?? Comment below :)

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Wings of the Wicked (Angelfire # 2) by Courtney Allison Moulton Review

Name: Wings of the Wicked
Courtney Allison Moulton
Release Date:
January 31st, 2012
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Life as the Preliator is harder than Ellie ever imagined.
Balancing real life with the responsibility of being Heaven’s warrior is a challenge for Ellie. Her relationship with Will has become all business, though they both long for each other. And now that the secret of who she really is has come out, so have Hell’s strongest reapers. Grown bold and more vicious, the demonic threaten her in the light of day and stalk her in the night.

She’s been warned.

Cadan, a demonic reaper, comes to her with information about Bastian’s new plan to destroy Ellie’s soul and use an ancient relic to wake all the souls of the damned and unleash them upon humanity. As she fights to stay ahead of Bastian’s schemes , the revelations about those closest to her awaken a dark power within Ellie that threatens to destroy everything—including herself.

She’ll be betrayed.

Treachery comes even from those whom she loves, and Ellie is broken by the deaths of those who stood beside her in this Heavenly war. Still, she must find a way to save the world, herself, and her love for Will. If she fails, there will be hell to pay.-Goodreads

My Review:

I didn't realize how much I loved this series until I picked up Wings of the Wicked...oh man it was SO good!! Even better than the first book in the series!!
When I first started Wings of the Wicked, it was so hard to put down! There were so many amazing parts that I did not see coming-both the good and the bad!

So one of my favorite parts about this book is the romance between Will and Ellie!! He has loved her for 500 years!! That's serious dedication..and every scene that they have together makes me want them to be together so bad!! The fact that Will is also  one of my favorite male characters makes me feel for him even more! He is so compassionate and sweet, but also he is willing to do ANYTHING for Ellie which makes me love him even more!

Another thing that I loved about this book was the action!! I'm not a huge fan of so much action where it just overtakes the plot of the book, but this had the perfect amount of it which I really liked! I also loved learning more about Ellie's past/angel mythology as well!

One thing that always gets me in the end is cliffhangers!! Ahhh I can't wait another year for the next book!!

Overall, I LOVED Wings of the Wicked!! Probably one of my favorite sequels so far this year!! Sometimes certain sequels of books fall flat for me due to love triangles, and unnecessary plot changes..but this one was incredible and I'm so glad that I loved it.

So I highly recommend that you pick this book up and if you haven't read the first book (Angelfire) please check it out!!

My Rating:
Five out of Five Stars

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Follow Friday # 20

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I hope everyone is having a great week!! Here is this Friday's question:

Q: Activity!!! Take a picture or describe where you love to read the most...

A: I think I'm going to have to go with my bed!! I love being under my blankets reading a really good book! But I have to say I really love reading at the beach as's so relaxing!! I can pretty much read anywhere long as I have a book I am good to go :)

Well..what do you think of my response? What is your favorite place to read?? Comment below and don't forget to follow :)

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Kindle Question!!

Hi everyone!!

So unfortunately today my kindle broke :( :( so as of now I will be reading my kindle books on my phone..

However, I am looking to get a new kindle! So what are everyone thoughts?

Should I go with the Kindle Fire or Kindle Keyboard 3G (which is what I have)? I really liked the Kindle Keyboard but I don't know a lot about the Kindle Fire..

what are your thoughts? Please comment below!! :)

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Waiting on Wednesday 33: Sapphire Blue

Hi everyone!! Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine!!

This Week's Pick:

Name: Sapphire Blue
Author: Kerstin Gier and Anthea Bell
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Release Date: October 30th, 2012
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Gwen’s life has been a rollercoaster since she discovered she was the Ruby, the final member of the secret time-traveling Circle of Twelve. In between searching through history for the other time-travelers and asking for a bit of their blood (gross!), she’s been trying to figure out what all the mysteries and prophecies surrounding the Circle really mean. At least Gwen has plenty of help. Her best friend Lesley follows every lead diligently on the Internet. James the ghost teaches Gwen how to fit in at an eighteenth century party. And Xemerius, the gargoyle demon who has been following Gwen since he caught her kissing Gideon in a church, offers advice on everything. Oh, yes. And of course there is Gideon, the Diamond. One minute he’s very warm indeed; the next he’s freezing cold. Gwen’s not sure what’s going on there, but she’s pretty much destined to find out.-Goodreads

My Thoughts:

Considering that I just finished Ruby Red (the first book in this series) last week..I am VERY excited for the next book in the series!! I absolutely love the cover!! The blue dress is gorgeous and I really like how the background has parts of London on it!

Well, what do you think of my choice? What are you waiting for this week?
Comment below!!

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Tempest by Julie Cross Review

Name: Tempest
Author: Julie Cross
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
Release Date: January 17th, 2012
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The year is 2009. Nineteen-year-old Jackson Meyer is a normal guy… he’s in college, has a girlfriend… and he can travel back through time. But it’s not like the movies – nothing changes in the present after his jumps, there’s no space-time continuum issues or broken flux capacitors – it’s just harmless fun.

That is… until the day strangers burst in on Jackson and his girlfriend, Holly, and during a struggle with Jackson, Holly is fatally shot. In his panic, Jackson jumps back two years to 2007, but this is not like his previous time jumps. Now he’s stuck in 2007 and can’t get back to the future.

Desperate to somehow return to 2009 to save Holly but unable to return to his rightful year, Jackson settles into 2007 and learns what he can about his abilities.

But it’s not long before the people who shot Holly in 2009 come looking for Jackson in the past, and these “Enemies of Time” will stop at nothing to recruit this powerful young time-traveler. Recruit… or kill him.

Piecing together the clues about his father, the Enemies of Time, and himself, Jackson must decide how far he’s willing to go to save Holly… and possibly the entire world.-

My Review:

When I first heard about Tempest, I was really really excited! It sounded original and unique..and definitely a little bit different than what I normally read. I am really glad that I picked up Tempest instead of shrugging it off as a book I wouldn't like.

One of my favorite parts about Tempest was how easy it was to get sucked into the story. Once I picked up this book, it was so hard to put it down! The plot was really fast paced and pretty easy to follow along with. At certain points it was a little bit confusing to keep track of all the time travel and what year Jackson was in..but overall it wasn't too hard to follow.

One my favorite characters in Tempest was of course Jackson. At first, I wasn't sure if I would like Jackson that much..but once I read more into this book and I really got to see his character develop, I really enjoyed reading about him!
It was also really fun to see a book be in the POV of a male character!! I actually haven't read many books with male main characters so it was super fun to read this book from a totally different perspective!

Overall, I really enjoyed Tempest and I can't wait to read the next book in the series! I really recommend that everyone gives this book a shot :)

My Rating: Four out of Five Stars

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In My Mailbox (32)

Hi everyone!! In my Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at the The Story Siren!!

I hope everyone is having a great week!! This week is my school vacation which means I have more time to read and review!! I also have to read a book for school (How Wars End by Gideon Rose) so I will be having a lot of reading to do!!

Anyways..on with the books!!

Received for Review:
 Of Poseidon by Anna Banks (Thank you Feiwel & Friends!!)
Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby (Thank you Netgalley and Walker Childrens!!)
The Academie by Susanne Dunlap (Thank you Netgalley and Bloomsbury!!)
Transcendence by (Thank you Netgalley and Walker Childrens!!)

Received from the Library/Bought

Ruby Red by
Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood
My Father's Daughter by Gwyneth Paltrow
How Wars End by Gideon Rose

Well that's all I got this week!! What do you think of what I got this week? What did you get?? Happy reading and leave me some links and comment below!!

Ruby Red (Edelstein Trilogie #1) by Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell Review

Name: Ruby Red
Author: Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co
Release Date: May 10th, 2011
Buy it on Amazon

Gwyneth Shepherd's sophisticated, beautiful cousin Charlotte has been prepared her entire life for traveling through time. But unexpectedly, it is Gwyneth, who in the middle of class takes a sudden spin to a different era!

Gwyneth must now unearth the mystery of why her mother would lie about her birth date to ward off suspicion about her ability, brush up on her history, and work with Gideon--the time traveler from a similarly gifted family that passes the gene through its male line, and whose presence becomes, in time, less insufferable and more essential. Together, Gwyneth and Gideon journey through time to discover who, in the 18th century and in contemporary London, they can trust. -Goodreads

My Review:
What a really fun read!! At first, I wasn't sure what to expect with Ruby Red, but when I saw the plot summary on goodreads I was very intrigued! I haven't read that many books about time travel..but whenever I do I am always really interested in seeing where the characters travel to and this book was no exception! It was really fun to see Gwyneth go back in time and interact with people from different eras.
One of my favorite characters in this book was Gwyneth. She is so fun and she is not afraid to stand up for herself which is one of the main reasons why I like her so much!

I really enjoyed the romantic aspect of Ruby Red as well..while there wasn't so much of it in the book the hints of romance were nice to read about and makes me wanting to see what happens in the next book.
One of the best parts about this book was the time travel! Kerstin Gier made me as a reader feel like I actually was back in time with Gwyneth and I really enjoyed that. It was also fun reading about how people acted/dressed in different time periods.

Overall, I highly recommend this book and I am looking forward to reading more books in this series!!

My Rating: Five out of Five Stars

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Follow Friday # 19

Hi everyone!! Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read!!

I hope everyone is having an awesome week :)

So this Friday's question is..

Q: I like unique names for characters and am looking forward to coming up with some when I start writing. What's the most unique character name you've come across?

A: Well the first thing that comes to mind is Etienne from Anna and the French Kiss!! Before reading this book I had never heard of the name! Another unique name probably Hadley from the Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight..such a unique and pretty name :)
From one of my all time favorite classic books..I would have to go with Mr. Darcy! Even though it's his last name it still counts for being unique :). I would also have to go with Jay Gatsby..another unique name!!

Well what do you think of the names I picked? What are the most unique character names that you've come across? Comment below and leave me some links :)

Until Next Time Author Interview

Hi everyone!! Today I have an interview with the lovely Amy Lignor, Author of Until Next Time (The Angel Chronicles # 1).

1. Can you tell us a little about your novel, Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles, Book 1?

The idea began a very long time ago, and for years I wanted to bring my angel/warrior team to light. Matt and Emily are different than all the rest because they are not part of the ‘tormented’ or the ‘fallen’ groups out there in YA fiction. They are pure innocents who, at their core, are basically teens looking at their first taste of freedom. Their training has been done with extra special care, their teachers and mentors have done their best to make sure they have all the knowledge they need, but the real hardship for them is how a completely innocent soul deals with life in the real world. Human emotions are the most difficult to understand, so when Matt and Emily run face-first into love, envy, jealousy, heartache, anger - their lives basically began to be a challenge for the first time. They have to find a way to keep their faith and love in each other while dealing with a world that’s ripping them apart.
2. What is your favorite part of the writing process?

The beginning. Various writers have their own ways of ‘starting off.’ Some get an idea and simply head straight to the keyboard and start writing, whereas others need to ‘flush’ out the plot on paper before hitting their first key. With me, I very much need to take the time to get to know my characters. I really want to understand them, and envision what they look like so I know how they would walk, talk, move, clench their fists when they were angry - all of those physical aspects. And I want to know the emotions inside them and how they deal with the world.

But when I sit down and begin to tell the tale that twists and turns the minute I touch the keyboard, that is my favorite part. It’s almost as if these characters that you’ve come to know and be friends with suddenly take over; it feels like they’re suddenly telling their tale the way they want to - it’s a thrill ride for me!

3. Where did you get the idea for this series?

When I was 13, my grandfather passed away and I began to think about angels. I remember wondering why on earth they would come down here in the first place? And I wanted to know what would happen to them. I mean, would they stay here, or just say: “Forget it! I’m not helping these people!” Emily and Matt stayed in my head and then, when I graduated high school, I began to write more and more - and it finally seemed like the right time to bring them out and let them tell their story.

4. I know Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles, Book 1 is the first of many in this series, how many books are you thinking of writing for The Angel Chronicles?

There are going to be three that we know of right now.  But if readers fall in love with Matt and Emily, Jason, Faith - and all the rest as much as I have - then I would consider extending their journey. Book II is completed and in the ‘polishing’ process right now, and it will delve a lot deeper into Matt. So next time around the hero will get a lot more page time. (LOL)

5. Do you plan on writing any other books in different genres?
I actually am the writer of a series of adventure/romance books for adults. Think Indiana Jones meets The DaVinci Code. Tallent & Lowery is the series name, and the first book - 13 - is currently scheduled for printing. Very different from the angels, this is a series of books where I’ve taken my love of libraries (especially the NYPL), history, hauntings, mysteries, legends - and I link them together to form a puzzle that no one ever thought of. It’s a great deal of fun for the reader and myself to figure out the endings and where the books go next. That is a series of seven novels, and I am currently on number six.

6. What was your favorite book growing up and why?
This is such a hard question. My mother is a career librarian so my sister and I pretty much spent our entire youth inside the library. I loved everything from Pride and Prejudice to YA’s like Judy Blume. As I’ve gotten older, I fell in love with Harry Potter (like billions of others), and I would have to say that particular series is going to go down as being unrivaled, and the one I think should be passed down to all future generations.

7. Are there any books you would recommend to fellow bloggers and readers out there?
If YA is your favorite, I’d say:

Lauren Kate’s - Fallen
Syrie & Ryan James’s - Forbidden
Dale E. Basye writes an INCREDIBLE series called Circles of Heck which is a must read for preteens, YA’s and adults who want to have fun.
And Michelle Horst, who is a debut author, wrote the first book in a stunning series, titled, Vaalbara: Visions & Shadows

For Horror: Koontz, King - the two masters of their craft.

For Romance: Pam Jenoff - Hands down. Read all of her titles! When I first came across The Kommandant’s Girl, I knew that this lady was going to be the ‘best of the best’ and she turned out not to disappoint.

See? I read so much that I could go on forever, but those are my favorites.

Thanks so much Amy for answering my questions!! Don't forget to add Until Next Time to your goodreads accounts!!

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Junk Miles by Liz Reinhardt Review

Name: Junk Miles (Brenna Blixen #2)
Author: Liz Reinhardt

Release Date: November 17th, 2011
Buy the Book On: Amazon

Kissing someone other than your boyfriend is cheating.
But what about thinking about kissing someone other than your boyfriend?
What about thinking about it a lot?
Brenna Blixen has the perfect boyfriend. He's sweet, sexy, loyal, and sure that Brenna is the best thing that's ever happened to him. But being the perfect girlfriend isn't as easy as Brenna thought it would be, and the pressure that comes with trying to be Jake's everything is beginning to weigh on her. When her mother surprises her with a trip to Paris over winter break, she's torn. She anticipated spending her vacation snuggling with Jake Kelly, ice-skating, drinking cocoa, and relaxing...but what girl in her right mind would turn down a trip to Paris?

Things only get more confusing when she winds up unexpectedly and unavoidably thrown into Saxon Maclean's arms in the City of Lights. Far away from the comfort and stability she finds at Jake's side, Brenna faces down the feelings that have been swirling through her since the day she laid eyes on Saxon. Is it fair for her to call herself Jake's girlfriend when she has so many unresolved feelings about someone else?
Brenna is determined to figure it all out, even if it means making some of the hardest decisions of her entire life. She also learns that every single thing she does has rippling repercussions, some that fill her with total regret. By the time she figures out what her heart truly wants, she realizes that she may not be able to have it after all.

Junk Miles is book # 2 in the Brenna Blixen series. Book # 1 in Brenna's story is Double Clutch.
This book is recommended for Older/Mature YA

My Review:
After reading Double Clutch in the fall,  I was really excited to read the second book in the Brenna Blixen series and see where Brenna's adventures take her!
One of my favorite parts of this book was Brenna going to Paris!! I really love Paris and reading about it in books makes me love it even more!! It was really fun to see Brenna in a different setting then just her home town so I really enjoyed that.
I also really liked the plot of Junk Miles and I liked seeing a different tone in this book compared to the first book in the series. It was really fast paced and I liked learning more about Jake and Saxon.

One of my favorite characters in this book is Breena..I really liked seeing her character grow from the first book and into the second book and I can't wait to see Breena grow more as a character.

Overall, I really enjoyed Junk Miles and everyone should check out this awesome series!!

My Review: Four out of Five Stars

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday 32: Wentworth Hall

Hi everyone!! Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine!!

This Week's Pick:

Name: Wentworth Hall
Author: Abby Grahame
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books For Young Readers
Release Date: May 1st, 2012
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A lush, historical novel about the secretive Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall!
The prettiest people often have the ugliest secrets…

     Eighteen-year-old Maggie Darlington has turned into an entirely different person. The once spirited teen is now passive and reserved. A change Lord and Lady Darlington can’t help but be grateful for.
     It’s 1912, and the Darlingtons of Wentworth Hall have more than just the extensive grounds to maintain. As one of Britain’s most elite families, they need to keep up appearances that things are as they have always been…even as their carefully constructed faÇade rapidly comes undone.
     Maggie has a secret. And she’s not the only one…the handsome groom Michael, the beautiful new French nanny Therese, the Darlingtons’ teenage houseguests Teddy and Jessica, and even Maggie’s younger sister Lila are all hiding something. Passion, betrayal, heartache, and whispered declarations of love take place under the Darlingtons’ massive roof. And one of these secrets has the power to ruin the Darlingtons forever.
     When scandalous satires start appearing in the newspaper with details that closely mirror the lives of the Darlingtons, everyone is looking over their shoulder, worrying their scandal will be next. Because at Wentworth Hall, nothing stays secret for long.

My Thoughts:
So I recently started watching Downton Abbey and I am seriously in love..its such an amazing show!! When I first heard of this book I immediately thought about Downton Abbey and knew that this one has to be a must read!! The plot of Wentworth hall sounds amazing..I can't wait to see what happens!!The cover of this book is also really awesome..I love the colors and the people on it are gorgeous!!

Well, what do you think of my choice? What are you waiting for this week? Comment below!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz Review

Name: Spellcaster (Spellbound # 2)
Author: Cara Lynn Shultz
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Buy the Book: Amazon
384 pages

Much thanks to Harlequin Teen and Netgalley for sending me giving me a copy of Spellcaster to review!!
Finding your eternal soulmate - easy.

Stopping a true-love-hungry evil - not so much…

After breaking a centuries-old romantic curse, Emma Connor is (almost) glad to get back to normal problems.'s not easy dealing with the jealous cliques and gossip that rule her exclusive Upper East Side prep, even for a sixteen-year-old newbie witch. Having the most-wanted boy in school as her eternal soul mate sure helps ease the pain-especially since wealthy, rocker-hot Brendan Salinger is very good at staying irresistibly close....

But something dark and hungry is using Emma and Brendan's deepest fears to reveal damaging secrets and destroy their trust in each other. And Emma's crash course in über-spells may not be enough to keep them safe…or to stop an inhuman force bent on making their unsuspected power its own.

My Review:
I was really happy when I heard that there was going to be a sequel to Spellbound..I really enjoyed the first book in this series so much! Spellcaster definitely didn't disappoint and I liked it even more than the first book in this series!!

One of my favorite parts of Spellcaster was that there was a lot more action in this novel when compared to the first book in the series. It was really interesting to see a different side of Emma and see her learn how to use her magic. While of course I love books that have romance in it, I also liked reading about action/drama between the characters so I really liked seeing that in Spellcaster. I also really loved how the author included more of one of my favorite characters..Angelique!! I really enjoy seeing Angelique interact with the different characters and it was really fun seeing her in this book!

Of course I really like reading about the Emma and Brenden's relationship. It was interesting to see them interact and I really saw them in a whole different light when I look back on the first book in the series.

Overall, I really enjoyed Spellcaster and I hoping for more books in this series!!

My Rating: Five out of Five Stars

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In My Mailbox (31)

Hi everyone!! In my mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren!!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Did anyone do anything fun?

So this week I only received one book..but I have a lot of reading to catch up on so no complaints :D's what I got..

Masters of the Veil by Daniel Cohen (Much thanks to Spencer Hill Press!!)
 Well what do you think of what I got? What did you get this week? Comment below and leave me some links :)

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Follow Friday # 18

Hi everyone! Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read!

I hope everyone is having a great week! Did anyone do anything fun?

Okay so here is this Friday's question:

Q: What would your prefer: reading your favorite book over and over again until you got sick of it OR reading 100s of mediocre books? And why?

A: Hmm..I think I would rather read my favorite book over and over again then read 100 mediocre books. Who would want to read a book that is so so over your favorite book that makes you smile/laugh/cry/sigh every single time you read it?? I know I would love to re-read all of my favorite books over and over and (hopefully!!) get the same effect I got the first time I read the book.

Here are a few of my all time favorites:

Well..what would you rather do? Read 100 mediocre books or re-read your all time favorites? Comment below and leave me some links..and don't forget to follow :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday 31: The Story of Us

 Hi everyone! Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine!
Name: The Story of Us
Author: Deb Caletti
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Release Date: April 24th, 2012
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My Thoughts: Okay so when I first saw this cover I was blown away about how gorgeous this is! I love the background/beach setting! Its so pretty! The plot of the Story of Us sounds great too..seems like the perfect contemporary for me!

Cricket’s on a self-imposed break from her longtime boyfriend—but she’s picked a bad week to sort out her love life. For one thing, her mother’s romance is taking center stage: After jilting two previous fiancés, her mom is finally marrying Dan Jax, whom Cricket loves. But as wedding attendees arrive for a week of festivities at a guesthouse whose hippie owners have a sweet, sexy son—Ash—complications arise:
Cricket’s future stepsisters make it clear they’re not happy about the marriage. An old friend decides this is the week to declare his love for Cricket. Grandpa chooses to reveal a big secret at a family gathering. Dan’s ex-wife shows up. And even the dogs—Cricket’s old, ill Jupiter and Dan’s young, lively Cruiser—seem to be declaring war.
While Cricket fears that Dan is in danger of becoming ditched husband-to-be number three, she’s also alarmed by her own desires. Because even though her boyfriend looms large in her mind, Ash is right in front of her....-Goodreads

Well..what do you think of my choice? What are you waiting for this week? Comment below and leave me some links!! :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Scarlet by A.C. Gaughen Review

Name: Scarlet
Author: A.C. Gaughen
Publisher: Walker Childrens
Release Date: February 14, 2012
Format: Received as an ARC fron Netgalley and Walker Childrens!
Buy the Book on: Amazon
304 pages
Many readers know the tale of Robin Hood, but they will be swept away by this new version full of action, secrets, and romance.

Posing as one of Robin Hood’s thieves to avoid the wrath of the evil Thief Taker Lord Gisbourne, Scarlet has kept her identity secret from all of Nottinghamshire. Only the Hood and his band know the truth: the agile thief posing as a whip of a boy is actually a fearless young woman with a secret past. Helping the people of Nottingham outwit the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham could cost Scarlet her life as Gisbourne closes in. It’s only her fierce loyalty to Robin—whose quick smiles and sharp temper have the rare power to unsettle her—that keeps Scarlet going and makes this fight worth dying for

My Review:
I'm not going to lie, the first few chapters of this book were really hard for me to read. I really didn't like the writing style and I wasn't sure where the plot was going. After putting this book down and going back to it after a few days, however, I was able to get more into Scarlet and I was able to enjoy the last half of Scarlet.
Like I mentioned above, one of the hardest parts of this book for me to read was the writing style. I liked how the author made the book more authentic by making the characters speak like they actually did during this time period, but at times it was SO hard for me to understand!

Once the plot picked up, I really enjoyed seeing what would happen between Scarlet and Robin Hood. It was fun to see a different side of Robin Hood and see a different perspective on the story. I also liked the little added bit of romance to this was very nice to see that added bonus to this book!

Overall, this wasn't the greatest book for me, but if you like retellings of classic stories, try giving Scarlet a shot!

My Rating: Three out of Five Stars

Saturday, February 4, 2012

In My Mailbox (30)

Hi everyone! In My Mailbox is hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren!

I hope everyone is having a great week! This week I was in for a pleasant surprise when a certain book showed up in my mailbox..

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (insert fan girl scream here :))

Okay enough with my rant :) Here is what I got this week :D

For Review:

Dreamless by Josephine Angelini (Much Thanks to HarperTeen!!!!)

Embrace by Jessica Shirvington (Much thanks to Sourcebooks Fire)

Destined by Aprilynne Pike (Much thanks to Harper Collins)

Rivals by Lauren Kunze (Much thanks to Harper Collins)

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter (Much Thanks Netgalley and HarlequinTeen)

Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Schultz (Much Thanks Netgalley and HarlequinTeen) 

Purchased/Received from the Library:

Wings of the Wicked by Courtney Allison Moulton

Love and Leftovers by Sarah Tregay

Confessions of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway

Well I received a lot of books this week! Can't wait to start reading these awesome books! What did you get this week? What do you think of what I got? Comment below and leave me some links :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hunger Games Read-Along Tour (Chapter Four)

Hi everyone! Larissa at the Howling Turtle is hosting The Hunger Games Read-Along tour!
Basically everyday leading up to the March 23rd (U.S.) release day of the Hunger Games, different bloggers will be posting something about the chapter that they are assigned and something that relates to The Hunger Games!

So here is one of my favorite quotes from chapter four of The Hunger Games:

"All of the pieces are still fitting together, but I sense he has a plan forming. He hasn't accepted his death. He is already fighting hard to stay alive. Which also means that kind Peeta Mellark, the boy who gave me the bread, is fighting hard to kill me." (60)

So everyone, I leave you with this question:

If you could speak to any character in the Hunger Games, who would it be and why?

Also, here is the new trailer for the movie..SO EXCITED!!

Comment below everyone :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Follow Friday # 17

Hi everyone! Follow Friday is hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read!

 This Friday's question is:

Q:Define what characteristics your favorite books share. Do they all have a kick a** heroine or is the hot love interest the Alpha Male?

A: Tough question!
I really like strong female characters, ones that are willing to stand up for themselves whether in a fantasy realm or in school, and not sit back on the sidelines and be pushed around (Katniss, Juliette from Shatter Me). I also love characters who I feel that I can relate to/care about. I want to be rooting for the main character..not against them. Just like Anna from Anna and the French Kiss and Helen from Starcrossed and Hadley from the Statistical Probability of love at First Sight and Clara from Hallowed). I really don't want to see a female character who acts submissive and doesn't do what she believes is right.

Of course I love boys with accents (Etienne and Oliver..I'm directing this towards you!!) but I also love sweet and caring boys (Adam from Shatter Me, and Tucker from Hallowed) and of course bad boys (Christian from Hallowed and Brendan from Spellbound).

As you can tell I like a variety of different characters :D

Well what do you think of my answer? What's yours? Don't forget to leave me some links and follow :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lost in Time (Blue Bloods # 6) by Melissa de la Cruz Review

Name: Lost in Time
Author: Melissa de La Cruz
Publisher: Hyperion
Release Date: September 27th, 2011
Buy the Book: Amazon
342 pages

After their beautiful yet brief bonding ceremony in Italy, Schuyler Van Alen and Jack Force are forced to separate. To fulfill the Van Alen Legacy, Schuyler travels to Alexandria to search for Catherine of Siena and the Gate of Promise. But Schuyler quickly discovers that everything she believed about the Gate to be wrong. Meanwhile, Jack makes the difficult decision to return to New York to face his twin and former bondmate, Mimi. But instead of a bitter reunion, he is faced with a choice for which there is no good option.

Mimi, with a most unexpected travel companion in Oliver Hazard-Perry, jets off to Egypt, too, to search for Kingsley Martin, her long lost love. With all roads leading to Hell, Mimi learns that not all love stories have happy endings. But she'll have to put her own feelings aside if she's going to save her crumbling Coven.

Packed with heartache, twists, and vampiric folklore, Lost in Time is sure to satisfy hungry fans' cravings for more Blue Bloods adventure-

My Review:
Lost in Time definitely had some really good moments..but some moments had me scratching my head because I was very lost! I will admit that I didn't really remember what happened in the previous book (Misguided Angel) so that probably accounts for why I was confused at parts!
Anyways, one of my favorite parts about this book (and the series!!) is Jack and Schuyler's relationship. It is interesting to read how the pair will do anything to be together and I really like reading about them! I also liked seeing Jack and Schuyler search for the gates of promise..added this aspect to the series makes the books more exciting and keeps the reader on the edge of his/her seat!
The one thing that bothered me about this book though was the end! Especially because it was (somewhat) of a cliffhanger! I though that Melissa de la Cruz was going to take the book one way but she went a completely different way then I expected. 

Overall, this was a fine book in this series. It wasn't as jamb packed and as amazing other books in this series, but it was still a good read and I am looking forward to reading the last book in the series in January!

My Rating: 
Four out of Five Stars