Teaser Tuesday 3

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Well today is the first day of school!! So posting will be a little bit later in the day because I most likely won't be able to update before school.

Current Read: The Poison Diaries (Poison Diaries #1) by Maryrose Wood, The Duchess Of Northumberland

Random Page: 132

Teaser: "Good Soil, sun, and rain. What more does one need in the spring?"

Happy reading :) and comment below!!


Darkfallen said...

I guess one could maybe ask for a hot guy? LOLz

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Jessica@a GREAT read said...

Ooh nice! Heard of this series! It's definitely catching my eye!

Here's my Teaser

Have a GREAT day!

Old Follower :)

Kristan said...

I've been hearing a lot about this book. I've got to check it out on Goodreads (and most likely add it to my TBR pile!) Great teaser =)

Come check out my Top Ten Tuesday

Kristan @ Lost Amongst the Shelves

Sally said...

Great teaser. I have this one on my tbr pile.

LunaMoth said...

lol darkfallen, a hot guy would be the icing on the spring cake!


Natasha said...

I just found your blog and I love it. I now follow:)

Great teaser. I love the cover art.

Here's mine:

Shirley said...

Flowers...definitely need flowers! Great one!

Here's mine: Teaser Tuesday.

Jen Daiker said...

Great Teaser!! I love your blog, I love all the teasers I get to read! It's so much fun!

Rebecca said...

I really like it! Very nice choice. And I looove the cover! Sounds real good, hope you enjoy it! :) My teaser can be found here!

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