Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guest Post and Giveaway: Double Clutch by Liz Reinhardt

Today I have the awesome Liz Reinhardt to do an amazing guest post for her book Double Clutch!

My high school wardrobe consisted of lots of plaid flannel button down shirts and old man pants my best friend and I found after hours in second hand shops and yard sales. My mom would see my outfit for the day and click her tongue.

Seriously, this could be a picture of me and my friends in high school. Flannel was very, very cool.

"Lizzie, those pants are disgusting. You're going to get bug you-know-where from wearing someone else's pants. And they smell like dirty old man." She would wrinkle her nose and sigh.

"I washed them!" I would argue, secretly feeling that itchy feeling you get when you imagine tiny bugs all over you. But I would run back to my room to get one more look in the mirror, just to be sure the polyester bell-bottom golf pants were as cool as they had been when I picked them up. I decided they were! And they did NOT itch. Or maybe only a little. But that was the polyester. It had to be.

Um, they were hideous. I guess I was trying to define a style all my own, and I did it by picking the most hideous, vomit-inducing thing I could find so I would stand out.

Luckily, my high school was very chill and accepting. No one batted an eyelash at my suddenly-very-itchy polyester monstrosities, which was actually a little disappointing. I so wanted people to pay attention. Especially Mr. CDW, my big time crush. Why didn't he notice me?! I was wearing bright green and blue plaid golf pants! How could he miss me?! (No, I have never had a very good grasp on logic or fashion, but thank you for asking!)

Hello, good sir! When you're done sweating in those hideous polyester monstrosities, could you please hand them my way! I really think my crush will notice me if I wear something super flashy! Tell me, do a lot of people ask for your number when you wear those pants?

If my real, true personal style had been flannel shirts and polyester golf pants, I probably could have rocked the look. But I was just doing it to get CDW to notice me and because I thought I was being hip and edgy (and a little itchy, but I was dealing with what if it felt like skin might be bubbling off? I looked cool! Right?). As I got older, I figured out that my style could still be original without giving me rashes and making me smell like forty years' worth of Old Spice.