Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Feature Thursday (1)!!

Hi everyone!! Last week I mentioned to you all that I was interested in starting a blog feature here on catching books every week! So, I can officially announce that this week is the first week of my new feature!!

Feature Thursday is a feature (created by me!) where I have a guest post or blogger interview with a blogger so bloggers can make new friends and find new blogs!

So here is this weeks feature is Monica from Cover Analysis!!

Can you tell us a little yourself to your fellow bloggers?
Well, what do you want to know? This is my first ever interview. I'm math and reading geek. I swim (I have a killer free-style stroke, by the way) and run, I get a straight A's, and I love Fruit Loops. Oh, and BBQ chips. So yummy. 

What is your favorite part of the blogging process?
Writing the blog posts! I love that I can be myself, you know? I can type and type and type as much as I want to about books and no one complains about it! :) It gives me a sense of freedom.

What book are you reading right now?
Stolen by Lucy Christopher. I seriously want to shake some sense into the main character but it has me completely intrigued. :D

What is your favorite ya book of 2012?
Only one? *racks brain* I would say from what I read so far The Selection by Keira Cass. It's coming out this later this month and I loved it.

What was your favorite book growing up and why?
To be honest, I never even read all that much when I was younger. Only the occasional Dr.Seuss book once a year or so but I'm still growing up and my favorite one right now is The Giver by Lois Lowry. :) Such an amazing, original dystopian novel. 

Are there any books you would recommend to fellow bloggers and readers out there?
LEGEND BY MARIE LU! If you have not read it. You must get on your bike, get in your car, or ride a horse and go to Walmart and BUY IT! I completely and utterly in love with that novel and have re-read, at least, 5 times already.

Favorite band?
Er, um, hmmmmm. I'm going to have to pick two. Maroon 5 and Three Days Grace. Yup, that's right. I don't like One Direction but they are cute. 

Give us one fun fact about yourself:
Let's see . . .one fun fact about me. OH! Er, *thinks*. Alright, this is something that I'm kind of embarrassed about but it's 100% true and I think it's funny. If I ever, ever, eat cookies with milk I will fall asleep almost immediately. 

Last question..if you could go anywhere in the world where would you go? 
I would go someplace cold. I don't particularly like sunny warm weather. Yeah, I know. Shocker, right? But, I would go to somewhere not to noisy nor populated. OH! I got it . . ALASKA! :) Skiing with the penguins. Oh, and I was promised BBQ chips and a juice box for this interview.

Thanks so much Monica for answering my questions and being my first feature!! Please make sure to stop by Monica's blog and follow!!
If you are interested in being one of my feature blogs make sure to send me an email at


  1. Haha, yay! My first interview! :) Thanks, again

  2. Yay! Somebody else who doesn'treally like going to hot places! I was starting to think I was the only one! Great interview :)

    1. YAY! :D Me too . . *high five* Oh, and thanks! :)


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