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Babe in Boyland by Jody Gehrman Review

NameBabe in Boyland
Author: Jody Gehrman
Publisher: Dial 
Release Date: 
February 17th 2011 

Format: Paperback
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292 pages   


When high school junior Natalie-or Dr. Aphrodite, as she calls herself when writing the relationship column for her school paper-is accused of knowing nothing about guys and giving girls bad relationship advice, she decides to investigate what guys really think and want. But the guys in her class won't give her straight or serious answers. The only solution? Disguising herself as a guy and spending a week at Underwood Academy, the private all-boy boarding school in town. There she learns a lot about guys and girls in ways she never expected-especially when she falls for her dreamy roommate, Emilio. How can she show him she likes him without blowing her cover?

My Review:

Babe in Boyland is a really fun novel!When i started this book i didn't know what to expect from it, the plot was really intriguing but i wasn't so sure i would have liked it. Instead Babe in Boyland really surprised me!
The story is one of the funniest i read and the characters, especially the protagonist, are all fantastic!

When everyone start criticising her relationship column on the school paper, Natalie (alias Dr. Aphrodite), realizes that maybe all the guys who hate her are right, and that she's not the best person to dispense love advices, since she hasn't even had one boyfriend.

So she tries to ask guys all the questions girls want to know about them. But it doesn't go very well...and Natalie ends up with nothing. Then she has an idea, and she decides to undercover at the all boys school Underwood Academy as "Nat".

During her week at Underwood Natalie will learn a lot of things about boys she didn't know about, and she will meet new friends and maybe even love.

First, i have to say that the strength of this book lie in the narrator. Natalie is one of the most fun, reckless, witty and strong characters i ever read about. She's so honest with herself and her friends, it's so easy to empathize with her!

I loved how the author developed this character!There is a big difference between the Natalie at the beginning of the book and the Natalie after the "undercover experience", and her development isn't hard to believe or awkward at all, but realistic and really authentic!

So my rating is four stars!Babe in Boyland is a really fast and fun read (perfect for weekend!), that i couldn't put down and i finished in one sitting!Reccomended to all Contemporary fans!


  1. I agree this was a fun and easy read! Story was along the lines of She's the man, the Amanda Bynes movie.

  2. High on my contemp list! The main character sounds like a fun and I'm glad to hear that she grows in the story! :) Great review and I can't wait to read this book for myself. Also loving the cover. It's funny. ;)

    J'adore Happy Endings

  3. Another book I have seen around everywhere and think I will get to it someday. I really need to read it! thanks for the awesome review!


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