Friday, March 23, 2012

The Hunger Games Movie

Okay so I just got back from the Hunger Games after seeing it with a few friends..and all I can say was that it was INCREDIBLE!! This movie really blew me away..from the details, to the actors..I loved every second of it!! It was so fun to see all of my favorite scenes come alive on the screen and I fell in love with this series all over again!!

Jennifer Lawrence is amazing as Katniss..and I now have a new found love for Josh Hutcherson as Peeta..I think I love Peeta ever more than I did before!!

Overall..I really really enjoyed the Hunger Games. Definitely one of the best book to movie adaptations I have seen in awhile!! I can't wait to see Catching Fire!!

So what did you think of The Hunger Games?? Are you planning on seeing it?? Comment below!!


    I thought it was a great adaptation of the book, and really symapathetic and faithful to the story, but I also thought it was a great movie in its own right. Yes, a few details have changed from the books, but who cares? IT WAS BRILLIANT! EEEEEEE!

    1. I KNOW!!!!! I have so many thoughts from the movie running through my brain right now!!!! I seriously love Peeta so much..:D

  2. I just got back from seeing the movie tonight too! LOVED IT! I think they did an amazing job staying true to the book and not twisting the plot line for Hollywood's sake. I'm also really happy that they didn't cut it down to be an hour and a half. Everything fit perfectly in the time and nothing major was cut out. Oh, and of course, TEAM PEETA =)

  3. LOVED IT, LOVED IT! It was so awesome. Just got back from the movie. What a great adaptation, so true to the book. TEAM KATNISS + TEAM PEETA + TEAM SENECA CRANE's BEARD!!!

  4. I thought they did an awesome job, not only with the characters but also capturing the world Katniss lives in-- I loved how bright and garish they made the Capitol, all the crazy costumes and make-up! The movie definitely brought the book to life without changing the original story, I loved it! :)

  5. I plan on seeing it but not until I can find a copy to download. I have heard too many things about the changes to pay to go see it. Sad, but true. Not only that but I can't help compare it to Battle Royale and that is one of my all time favorite movies.

    However, I do still enjoy the series and I will see all of the movies! :)


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