Thursday, February 7, 2013

Follow Friday # 51

Hi everyone..Happy Friday!! Follow and Feature Friday is hosted by Alison Can Read and Parajunkee.

Hi everyone!! I hope you all are having a great week! Sorry for the lack of commenting on everyone's blogs lately...I'm trying my best but school is crazy! I rarely have even enough time to read! This weekend hopefully I will be doing some catching up in the blogging world! If I don't end up commenting back on your blog I am SUPER sorry..I do follow every blog that comments so if you think I didn't check out your blog don't be mistaken! Thanks for all the support everyone :)'s this week's question!
Q: Happy Mardi Gras! If they were throwing the HOTTEST books off a Mardi Gras float, what you do to have them thrown at you?

A:  Hmmm..maybe I would try to get to the front of the line? I'm not really sure what I would do in this situation...I think it depends on the book! :D

What's your answer?! Let us know in the comments!


  1. Yeah it's kind of a weird question, huh? I had to think about it for a long time. :D It definitely depends on the book! :D Old follower. My FFs are at LKHill or Musings on Fantasia. Happy Friday!

  2. So true! I'd have to REALLY want it to do anything drastic! Great answer :)

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  3. Depends on book, you're right! If it was something I didn't like and I caught it I would probably throw it back :)

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    Alise @ Readers In Wonderland
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  4. You assume people will line up, but no, they will MOB. LOL Happy Friday!

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  5. I wish people would get in a nice line... wouldn't that be nice?


    Angela's Anxious Life

  6. Hahaha! Awesome!
    You're oh so polite. You'd get very far in England. You'll find my FF (that I've not even posted up yet lol, over at my blog. Just follow my name)

  7. Good answer! My reaction would definitely depend on the book. :)

    Raina @ The LUVNV
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  8. Oh yeah. Definitely depends on the book, but I still wouldn't be doing anything rash or stereotypical!

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  9. Yes, I guess it would depend on the books.
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  10. Ooh yeah very true! :)

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  11. I think with the name of your blog, you'd have no trouble at all catching those books ;)

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    Have a fantastic Friday!

  12. Yeah, things can get kinda crazy at Mardi Gras huh? I never actually experienced it in person so I don't know what I would do exactly.

  13. Totally depends on the book! There are things I'd do for some books that I wouldn't do for other. Like kick and punch until I'm at the first one in the line. Or the last one on the "field". lol

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  14. Well...that's true. If it's a book I'm pining for I would probably do some crazy stuff. :)

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  15. Most practical answer I've read. Haha! :))

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  16. Good answer.

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  18. I agree. I'm not really sure what I would do in that situation. My answer was dressing up in a great big book costume. I'm sure a lot of people could come up with better answers lol. Depends on the book :)

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    -Megan @ Megz Madd Readz

  19. OMG - I just realized the number in the post title is your number on the list! Hi, new follower. Java With Jambor


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