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Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire # 3) by Courtney Allison Moulton Review

Name: Shadows in the Silence (Angelfire # 3)
Author: Courtney Allison Moulton
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Release Date: January 29th, 2013
Format: E-book copy
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469 pages

Your strength in heart and hand will fall. . . .
Ellie knows that the darkest moments are still to come, and she has everything to fight for:

She must fight for Will.
The demonic have resorted to their cruelest weapons to put Will in mortal danger, and Ellie makes an unlikely alliance to save him and to stop Lilith and Sammael, who seek to drown the world in blood and tear a hole into Heaven.

She must fight for humanity.
As the armies of Hell rise and gather for the looming End of Days, Ellie and her band of allies travel to the world’s darkest and most ancient regions in her quest to come into her full glory as the archangel Gabriel.

And Ellie must save herself.
Her humanity withers beneath the weight of her cold archangel power, but Ellie must hold tight to who she is and who she loves as she prepares for the ultimate battle for Heaven and Earth.

In this final installment in the Angelfire trilogy, Courtney Allison Moulton brings her dark world of epic battles and blistering romance to a blazing bright conclusion.


My Review:

What a fantastic end to a great series!  This is one series that I think gets better with each book: I liked the first book, loved the second, and the third blew me away.  With a constant stream of action, romance, suspense, and even more action, there was literally never a dull moment in this book!

I loved the way that Ellie's character progressed throughout all three books.  At the beginning of the series she was really hesitant to fully leave her human life behind in order to become the archangel Gabriel and save the world.  However, by the end of the series she has accepted and even embraced her destiny.  She no longer finds herself interested in getting drunk and going to parties, and instead is more focused on saving the world; in other words, she really grows up.  Ellie certainly has a lot of sides to her character, and I love how Moulton is able to make her seems so relatable - so human - even though she is something more than just a human girl.  I did wish, however, that we had seen a little bit more of Cadan's development as a character.  He switched sides to fight for good rather than evil, but I think it would have been nice if Moulton had expanded more upon his change, which I can tell was not an easy decision for him to make nor an easy promise for him to uphold.

Ellie and Will's relationship is also another reason why I loved this book.  Not only were the two sweet and adorable throughout the book, but they also had to make some tough decisions and I loved watching them work things out.  This book picked up right where the last one ended, and after finishing the end of the cliffhanger, there was just so much more plot constantly taking place.  The battle at the end was a little predictable, but of course it was hard not to guess the way that it would end.  However, Ellie and Will had to travel so far - both physically and mentally - throughout the book, and while some parts were definitely sad to read, in the end I was so happy to see how far the two of them made it, both as individual characters and as a couple.

That being said, the epilogue was just an amazing way to end the series, and I don't think that Moulton could have done a better job!  I really enjoyed watching this series unfold, transforming from just one book that I thought was interesting into a wonderful series that I will never forget, and will definitely be rereading in the future.  If you haven't already read this trilogy you should definitely pick it up, especially this fantastic conclusion!

My Rating:


  1. Absolutely loved how this series ended! I totally agree with you on Cadan. I see so much in him! Really glad you loved it too, and lovely review!

  2. Eep! Your review reminded me of reading this series. I haven't started the first two books, they're just sitting on my shelf. haha

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  3. So seeing as I just reviewed this book too, I had to check out your take on Shadows in the Silence and I'm glad to know you liked it. This book is probably the best of the three and there was definitely no shortage of action scenes. A definite plus. I agree with your take on Cadan, I wished Moulton gave us more back-story on him. Great review! :)


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