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The Last Boyfriend by J.S. Cooper Review

Name: The Last Boyfriend
Author: J.S. Cooper
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 5th, 2013
Format: E-Book
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139 pages

Lucky Morgan has had her share of heartbreak. She is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her after sleeping with him and she vows to herself that she won't be used again. She decides that the next guy she dates and sleeps with, will be her one true love.

Zane Beaumont is the mysterious and snooty guy that comes into her diner every Friday night with a different girl. He's the type of guy she's learned to avoid: carefree, fast, handsome, rich, and sarcastic. Unfortunately, she can't stop thinking about the devilish gleam in his eyes.

When Lucky's car breaks down one night after a party, it is Zane who comes to her rescue. As Zane attempts to sweep Lucky off of her feet, she soon realizes that nothing is as it seems and that Zane may very well be the guy for whom she changes the rules. That is until she meets Braydon.


My Review:
I don't even know where to begin with this book....last week I was at the beach and this showed up on my kindle for book recommendations so I decided to give it a try. Unfortunately this book really fell flat for me and I didn't enjoy it.

This summer I've decided to give some NA titles a try and this one sounded like a great book but so much of it wasn't working for me. The first thing that really bothered me about this book was the plot was just like 50 shades of gray!!! While their wasn't any BDSM, the characters had very similar traits to the characters in 50 shades. The main character, Lucky, had troubled relationships in the past so from now on she is only dating men who are "serious." Enter Zane, the cocky, mysterious, overprotective guy who is in pursuit of Lucky. He has a very troubled past and can't commit to anyone because he doesn't know what "love is like." This just didn't make any sense to me and didn't seem realistic whatsoever.

The other part of the plot that really bothered me was that Lucky just decided to drop out of school and move half way across the country with Zane. This just seems so unrealistic and I could never see that happening. No girl just decides to pick up with a random stranger and move across the country with them. The writing style of this book wasn't really working for me was just all over the place.

Overall, I really wasn't a fan of The Last Boyfriend. I think it had good intentions at heart but it just fell flat for me.

My Rating:

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  1. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you :)
    it really sounds like a flat and boring book... I hope you read something better next time


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