Monday, December 10, 2012

Radiant (Unearthly, #2.5) by Cynthia Hand Review

Name: Radiant (Unearthly, #2.5) 
Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher:  Harper Teen
Release Date: December 4th, 2012
Format: Ebook
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94 pages

From New York Times bestselling author Cynthia Hand comes a riveting original novella (available only as an ebook) set in the world of the Unearthly series.

Clara is desperate to get away—from the memories that haunt her in Wyoming and the visions of a future she isn't ready to face—and spending the summer in Italy with her best friend, Angela, should be the perfect escape. . . .

For as long as she can remember, Angela has been told that love is dangerous, that she must always guard her heart. But when she met a mysterious guy in Italy two years ago she was determined to be with him, no matter the costs. Now she must decide whether she can trust Clara with her secret, or if telling her the truth will risk everything she cares about.

Alternating between Angela and Clara's perspectives, Radiant chronicles the unforgettable summer that will test the bounds of their friendship and change their lives forever.


My Review:
While this read was really quick, it definitely was enjoyable! Radiant isn't necessary to read before reading the final book in this series, Boundless, but it was a great book to hold me over till Boundless is released!

I did wish Radiant focused more on the Angel mythology, but instead it focused on learning about Angela's life/her relationship with Phen. I liked learning about about Angela..especially since we don't know a lot about her! I feel like through the past two books in the Unearthly series Angela is always surrounded in mystery. After reading Radiant, I was really happy to learn more about Angela..especially the mysterious "italian boy" that we learn about in the second book in the series. It was also nice to see her and Clara in Italy..a nice change of pace from Wyoming!
I liked how each chapter switched from the point of view of Angela and Clara, so we really got to see their thoughts on what was going on. It was sad to see Clara still dealing with the grief of losing her mother and her brother running away in the previous book. 

Overall, I enjoyed Radiant! Plot wise, it didn't really add any more knowledge to me for the series, but it was a fun read! If your looking for something to hold you over before Boundless is released, check this book out!

My Rating:


  1. Thank you for the review. I'm still not sure if I will read it before Boundless is out, but it does sound interesting.

  2. I've never fully trusted Angela so I am excited to get a little more from her perspective in this novella. Glad you liked it!

  3. I just finished Radiant yesterday and loved it. I sort of disagree with part of what you said. I think it is a must read before Boundless.

    Even just reading the first two chapters of Boundless (included with the ebook) it was obvious that some things from Radiant will come into play in book 3. And I think that the last lines of Radiant will also come into play.

    To me Radiant was a filler ebook, but rather an important part of the story.

    I loved reading the alternating chapters between Angela and Clara. And I loved reading about their summer.


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